All of our activities are driven by our vision: Linking Communities, Creating Opportunities. Working with the poorest of the poor we link community leaders with external groups and resources. All parties come together to develop an action plan, generating meaningful solutions to common problems. These groups propel the community to grow and expand so they need little or no help from the developers. In other words, our job is to be out of a job in a short period of time.

We are advocates for the exchange between global citizens, which helps develop a more dignified society. We promote the principles of volunteering, diversity, integration, respect, and opportunities for socially-excluded people. Our goal is to achieve community well-being. That is why we work on economic, social, environmental and cultural projects, where actions are developed and implemented at a grassroots level.


As an overall educational effort, we also conduct projects directed to:

Protect endangered species.

Restoration of habitats in danger of deforestation.

Rehabilitation of wild animals to educate and return diversity to the ecosystem.

Planting trees and removing invasive species.

Assistance in research on maritime ecosystems.

Conservation education programs.

Community recycling processes.

Global Mindset


We help young people develop a global mindset, by exposing them to different cultures, languages, and people in a safe and structured environment. Our university exchange programs are a source of bridge building (linkages) with potential opportunities. Our youth coaching camps are a source to develop visionary community leaders who will go back to their communities and help them flourish. Every program, every intervention every opportunity must be driven to help our communities grow. This is why, we frequently turn down opportunities that may not result in a stronger or empowered community or that may just increase dependency from the developer.

Maximum Community Impact – Reducing Operational Costs – Accessing the greatest Minds

One of the hindrances most non-for-profit organizations wrestle with on a daily basis is how to reduce operational costs, ensure access to highly skilled and experienced people in order to maximize their effectiveness. To ensure the highest community impact possible, we take advantage of virtual technology to meet, develop projects, conduct trainings, reduce large office space costs, staff travel and other fees.

We hold a large pool of flexible consultants that join us during community interventions. Each individual has over 20 years of experience in areas such as: financial systems development, grant writing, research, monitoring and evaluation, mass media campaigns and other social interventions needed for real community development.
Join us for a long lasting life-changing opportunity